Obedience Pleases God

Mar 7, 2024

Be loyal to the Lord, and obey His laws.- Deuteronomy 30:16

Tonight's message is Obedience pleases God when we obey God there will always be a positive impact that your obedience will have on your relationship with God, and with one another it is important that we obey God and that our relationships with God and others is life-giving instead of destructive. there are so many benefits that come with obeying God. One of those benefits is that it pleases God, just look what happened in the Garden of Eden you can see how disobedience can upset God. We often think that obedience is just a bunch of rules. But it's not just a bunch of rules. We should be obedient to God not because we have to but because we want to because we love God just like we love our parents and we want to obey them because we love them. When we do what is right it pleases God when we are obedient we enjoy peace of mind knowing we have done the right thing, rather then feeling bad about things we shouldn't have done. When we are obedient we also show God how much we love him, and we avoid the bad consequences of disobedience.

It's important that as we look at today's bible lesson that we don't blame Adam and Eve but we see how destructive disobedience can be and how it hurts us.

As we conclude we see that it's important for me and you to do the right thing, that obedience isn't just whole bunch of rules, we see that obedience is connected to your love for God and trust in Him.