Choose To Obey God's Word

Apr 7, 2024

Acts 5:29 "We must obey God rather than man."

This is maybe one of the simplest but most important things we can learn as Christians. There is only one book in the world that can change your life and it's the Bible. It is tested and proven to be true. It has instructions and lessons from Jesus' life. Most importantly it is the living word of God! As awesome and powerful and true as the Bible is, the only way for us to learn from it and grow, is if we read it and obey it. You have to choose of you'll read God's word and obey it!

Noah Obeyed God said and ultimately it save his life! It will help you and save you to!

So what are you waiting for?? Open it up! Search "Bible" and you can even read it on the internet! There's even a Bible app!