This Christmas Remember the Giver

Dec 3, 2022

Imagine this Christmas you get to the tree and you see the present your parents gave you. You open it up and start playing with it. You run right past your parents without a hug or even a thank you! They are so hurt because you forgot to show love to who gave you the gift!

God has given us so many amazing gifts! Our life, our talents, our family, and our friends! The greatest gift we ever received was Jesus! This Christmas while you celebrate the gifts God has given you, remember to thank him. Christmas isn't just about gifts, songs, and hot chocolate. It's a celebration of the gift of Jesus' birth! The wise men in our Bible lesson didn't just receive the gift of Jesus. They honored him by worshipping him and giving him gifts!

This Christmas remember the Giver, and show him thanks! Jesus loves you very much!

Our Memory Verse This Week is: You are my God and I will thank you.” Psalm 118:28