Who are you living for?

May 8, 2022

Did you know you're living for someone? It could be yourself, other people, or God. Many people think that because they go to church they are living for God, but that isn't necessarily true. Going to church once or twice a week doesn't mean you're living for God. So how do you know if you're living for God? It's by what you do and the choices you make that show who you are living for. How do you treat other people? Are you worrying more about yourself, or what people think? Or are you spending more of your time talking and learning about God? Living for God is choosing to read the bible, and talking to him everyday. Living for God means it doesn't matter if you're popular or famous it means you make Jesus known and you tell other people about him. Elijah had just seen God send fire from heaven and he still ran away when his life was in danger. Why? It that moment he was more worried about his fear than the God he served. He needed to believe that God truly wanted what was best for him and he loved him. When you know how much God loves you it's a little easier to live for him because you know he'll always be there for you, and he want to help you in life! Jesus lived and died for you. Will you live for him?
Our Memory Verse this week is:
“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve."
Joshua 24:15