WWJD When He was Around His Friends

Aug 18, 2022

Some have you have heard the saying "What would Jesus do?" or WWJD and we should ask ourselves that question everyday. What would Jesus do with his friends? How would he speak, act, and what attitude would he have?

First Jesus wouldn't cuss or be mean to his friends. He would be kind and build up his friends. We should do the same. Not yelling at our friends, or being mean.

Jesus didn't just use his words but he used his actions. Feeding and healing people. He actually did what he said he would do. He never lied. We should do things for our friends too. Help them with homework. Sit with them at lunch. Find ways to help your friends.

And finally Jesus always did it with a good attitude. If your doing kind things for your friends but you have a bad attitude you might as well not do it at all!

This week before you hang out with your friends ask yourself "What would Jesus do with his friends?" Let's follow his example!

Our Memory Verse this week is:
“I have given you an example to follow.”

John 13:15