Be Like Jesus: "Always go to God in prayer"

Jan 14, 2022    Kenny Hultquist

Starting Jan. 17th we, as a church, are going into a time of prayer and fasting! We created this devotional for your kids and your family to go over together, to encourage you during this very special time of prayer and fasting!

One of the strongest examples that Jesus set for us is that he always went to God in prayer. Time after time in the Bible it says that Jesus spent time with God in prayer, before he made major decisions, like choosing his 12 disciples, before he did major miracles, like feeding the 5000, when things got really tough, right before he was about to die on the cross. Each of those times Jesus went to God in prayer. Morning, noon, or night, Jesus would always go to God in prayer. And because Jesus did that, we should also do that too. Be like Jesus always go to God in prayer. In fact, the memory verse from first Thessalonians 5:17 says it perfectly “PRAY continually.” Never Stop Praying

Praying continually means that no matter what situation you find yourself in. Whether you’re having a good day or bad day. Whether you’re happy or sad, feeling healthy or feeling sick, before a test, before you eat, before you go to bed be like Jesus and always go to God in prayer.

God is always there to listen to you, to help you and to take care of you. He wants you to always come to him, to involve him in every part of your life, to know him better and better all the time. That’s what Jesus did, and we need to follow his example. Be like Jesus and always go to God in prayer!

At the Kidz Dream Zone we have always taught your kids to grow up like Jesus, to be like Jesus to follow his example in every way, I implore you to encourage your kids to join you during this time of prayer and fasting! By doing this you will be putting your kids and family in a position to have an incredible year filled with the presence of the Lord and a New Beginning for you and your family!