Help Others in Need

Feb 10, 2022

God tells us to love our neighbor. one way to love on those around us is by helping! Here at church we talk a lot about serving and helping those around us. If you've been to the Dream Center you've seen people giving out food, and clothes. During covid there was even a remote learning center offered to help kids to do their school work! Those are big ways to help, but we should also look around us to see who needs help around us. Maybe your mom needs help around the house, or one of your siblings needs help with school work, or maybe there's a kid at school who just needs a friend! God wants us to help others even if they're different than us. Whether it's your best friend, or the bully at school, if you see someone in need, help them! Jesus loves us enough to help us everyday. Because Jesus loved us first we can love our neighbor!
Our Memory Verse this week is:
“Don’t get tired of helping others.” Galatians 6:9