Keep Your Mind Protected

Oct 5, 2023

“Put on the helmet of salvation...”

Ephesians 6:1

Motorcyclist, football players, and skateboarders all have one thing in common. They wear helmets. The helmet protects them from getting hurt. It literally protects their brain.

We need to protect our mind. From temptations, lies, and bad thoughts. A regular helmet won't protect from that but the helmet of salvation will.

Salvation is what we have received when we ask Jesus in our heart. Our sins are forgiven and we have a new hope and life in Jesus.

So when the devil wants to lie to us and tell us that God doesn't love us we can remember that we're aren't just loved by God but he saved us from the punishment of sin.

Job was met with all sorts of hardship but the way he kept his thoughts on God was spending time with him and focusing on the truth of God not the words from the others or the lies he may hear.

Put on your helmet everyday!