Samuel Obeys God

Nov 14, 2021

Read: 1 Samuel 16:1-13
As the Prophet it was Samuels job to tell everyone who God chose as the next king! God told Samuel to go to Jesse's house that it would be one of his son's! When Samuel got there he expected it to be the oldest or strongest but God didn't choose any of the oldest or strongest. Samuel asked if there were anymore son's and Jesse called for his youngest and smallest son who was tending the sheep. God chose this boy, David, as the next king! This didn't make a ton of sense at first! Samuel could have argued with God and disobeyed. He could have picked one of the stronger older sons. Samuel obeyed God because he knew that God knew best! God chose David because he knew who David would grow to be and most importantly that he loved God with all of his heart! Samuel obeyed even though it didn't make sense! Will you always obey God? Remember God loves you so much!
Our memory verse this week is:
"We must obey God." Acts 5:29
Sunday's Snack: Raisin Bread & Butter