David and Saul

Dec 5, 2021

Read: 1 Samuel 26
We learned last week that David would play his harp to calm King Saul. As David grew up he would just play music he would go and fight many battles against the philistines, and win! As the people's love for David grew, King Saul's jealousy grew even more. Finally while David was playing one day Saul's anger grew so much that he threw a spear at David! In fear of his life David ran away! While on the run David had many chances to kill King Saul but he refused. He called King Saul the Lord's anointed and refused to harm him. David was willing to let a man live who wanted to kill him. Why? Because his love for God was bigger than his fear of Saul. David was willing to wait for God's timing to become king. He was humble. In our lives there will be people who mistreat us, or treat us unfairly. The world would tell you to get even, but God tells you to love your enemy. That can be really hard so pray and ask God to help you to be kind to others no matter what they do! Remember God loves you so much!
Our memory verse this week is:
"Do good to all people." Galatians 6:10