No One Is Safe Behind A Lie

Jan 21, 2023

A lot of people to try to protect themselves from getting in trouble by telling lies. The thing about lies is they only make things worse. It's better to tell the truth and face the consequences than to hide it and get caught in a lie. The bible says in Proverbs 12:19

"Truth stands the test of time but lies are soon exposed." Your lie will be exposed. God brings everything in the darkness to the light!

Like the lady in our bible lesson. God used Solomon to expose her lie! God will cut through your lie to get to the truth!

When you tell lies about others like your siblings or friends it hurts them. It's like shooting an arrow at someone. It hurts and you can't take it back that why are memory verse say to not tell lies about others. We want to lift people up, not tear them down. Ask God to help you to tell the truth. The truth will set you free, because no one is safe behind a lie.

Our Memory Verse This Week is: “Do not tell lies about others.” Exodus 20:16