God Commands You To Obey Your Parents

Nov 5, 2022

The bible tells us to honor our parents, but what does that mean?



regard with great respect.

So to honor someone or something is to treat it with respect. Like a valuable vase in your house that was worth a lot of money. You wouldn't just throw it around. You would treat it with respect and care. That's how God wants us to treat our parents.

We can honor our parents 3 ways

1. Obeying them. 2. Our behavior with others. 3. Praying for them!

By obeying what our parents ask us to do. We our respecting them as our leaders. If that ask you to take out the trash, or clean your room, or be kind to your siblings we should listen.

Our behavior at school or with others isn't just about us but it represents our family. If you get in trouble at school or have a bad reputation in your neighborhood it reflects badly on your parents.

The most important way to honor our parents is by praying for them. When we pray we're giving God the opportunity to bless them. As kids we don't always feel like we can help our parents, but there's not more helpful than prayer!

Nobody has perfect parents, and we're not respecting them because they deserve it. We honor them because God asked us to, and we want to obey him!

Our Memory Verse this week is: “Honor your father and mother.” Exodus 20:12