God Answers Prayer

Mar 6, 2022

When life is hard we can often feel helpless. Unsure of what to do next. In every situation the only thing that will give you the right answer is prayer! We have to learn to pray about every situation. Often times we will turn to our friends and complain about life, or we'll stay in our heads and worry. Complaining doesn't do anything, but make things more difficult. Worrying builds up pressure in our hearts and mind and just causes us to be more stressed. However when we pray and talk to God about it. When we ask him for his help we will get an answer from him and he will calm our hearts. He may answer us directly, through a new solution, through the bible, or maybe a kind word from someone. Prayer will bring us a strategy how to handle the challenges of life. The first step to any great plan is praying and talking to God, because he will always answer!
Our Memory Verse this week is:
"When I pray you answer me."
Psalm 138:3