Don't Be Envious Of Others

Jan 28, 2023

Envy is when you see something that someone else has and you want it so bad! So bad that you're willing to do anything to get it. Maybe it's new shoes that your friend has, or money, or a nice family, or a house. Most people just aren't satisfied with what God has given them.

That envy, if we don't get rid of it, can grow into even more sins! Stealing, greed, or even hurting others to get what we want. In our bible lesson today King Ahab killed a man because of his envy!

The best way to handle that envy is to be grateful for what God has given you. Practice gratefulness for what you have. Your family, friends, skills, clothes, even going to school is a gift! Don't let envy get you into trouble!

Ask God to help you be grateful. Remember Jesus loves you soooo much!

Our Memory Verse This Week is: “Do not want anything that belongs to someone else.” Exodus 20:17